My name is Sydnie Rowland, and I am obsessed with social media.

I know what you’re thinking,“big whoop Syd, so is every other millennial who got a Mass Communication degree.” But really…I’m totally geeked out about it. I read up on social media innovation with my morning coffee. I can’t use an app without brainstorming ways to improve its interface. Long distance road trips are just a cycle of seeing billboards and gasping about their creative genius for half an hour before another one catches my eye.

Social media is what I’m about. It courses through my veins and lights a fire in my soul (or maybe that’s just my third macchiato of the day). To me, the cultivation of brand-consumer relationships is the gift that keeps on giving; there are always more ways to expand a brand’s reach; better strategies to implement; endless content to create. My ultimate goal is to maximize each client’s potential in the most authentic way possible, and I believe I hold the skill set to make that happen.

Sydnie will light up any project. She never stops working hard to be the best at what she does, and I have no doubt she will succeed.
— Dr. Lance Porter | Alumni Professor, LSU / Director, SMAC Lab

Photography provided by Bon Wells.