Hey! I’m Sydnie.

A digital communications strategist and total introvert with an ironic love for all things social media.

I have over four years of experience within the entertainment, healthcare and higher education industries, and consider myself a jack-of-all-trades, yet master of one: digital communication. As your textbook millennial, I am well-versed in multiple social platforms and eager to learn how my clients can utilize this week’s hottest trend to maximize their reach and relatability.

My experiences working as an account executive, event planner, social strategist and research analyst have equipped me with a set of organizational, professional and leadership skills that put me ahead of the pack. My life and work are both fueled by the desire for productivity and precision, and my natural optimism drives my success.

Take a look around and see if any of my work interests you. If you find something you like, we should chat.

Photography provided by Bon Wells.